to the beauty


be different
to be unique


The Big

Why do we talk
about beauty?

Because beauty, like music, is an universal language, an emotional experience that create connections between people.

The result of this “beauty driven innovation” process is FONICA INTERNATIONAL. A range of isodynamic speakers where purity of sound and elegance coexist thanks to an innovative design.

The beauty secret

25mm of thickness, powerful magnets and resistant Mylar membranes produce a clean and precise sound with great dynamic range. The surface of the membranes allows excellent sound diffusion on the horizontal plane, creating a very big virtual sound stage.

In the Fonica International loudspeakers there are years of research and many technical solutions patented by the company.

To be unique you have to be different

Technical solutions and fine-tuning of special processes to offer maximum reliability, minimum distortion to guarantee low listening fatigue, sound control and solidity to favor its intelligibility are just some of the peculiarities of the project.

What size is your beauty?

FONICA innovates isodynamic sound technology and combines it with a stylish look. In three standard sizes their thin, minimal design can be customised to suit and match any aesthetic taste.