LaGRANDE is the result of a balanced mix of creativity, mastery, technology and intuition.

It represents the ultimate surround experience able to completely immerse the listener in a sound of the highest quality and purity.
LaGRANDE is acoustic and aesthetic perfection: a classic Italian masterpiece.

Amplification Type: 200 + 200 Class D + DSP
Features: Multi preset equalization

Dimensions: 54,80 x 80,51 x 28,19 in
Weight: 264,55 lb
System: 3 ways Isodynamic speakers with adjustable midrange and tweeter
Amplification: Triple Class D amplification (500 W + 500 W + 100 W ) with DSP
Woofer area: 11,62 in2
Midrange area: 2,75 in2
Tweeter area: 1,00 in2

Standard Finishing: the timeless elegance of total black.
Custom finishing: the cloth can be customised with any coulour and images.

The active speaker features an innovative structure made of different modules connected by hinges.

This helps to achieve the best performance without having to move the amplifier to direct medium-hi frequencies.