LaGRANDE is the result of a balanced mix of creativity, mastery, technology and intuition.

It represents the ultimate surround experience able to completely immerse the listener in a sound of the highest quality and purity.
LaGRANDE is acoustic and aesthetic perfection: a classic Italian masterpiece.

LaGRANDE is available with black or gray canvas and with black or aluminum-colored profiles. It is possible to request the customization of the canvas with logos or images.

3-way active isodynamic speaker with orientable medium and high sections 100 W Hypex Ncore power amplifier for high frequencies
500 W Hypex Ncore power amplifier for medium frequencies
500 W Hypex Ncore power amplifier for low frequencies
DSP with 3 different presets to adapt the frequency response of the speakers to the listening room
RCA line input
XLR line input
XLR line output
Coaxial digital input (up to 192 Khz)
AES/EBU digital input (up to 192 Khz)
Optical digital input (up to 96 Khz)
Remote control for switching on and off, volume control, source and preset selection.
Frequency response: 30 – 20.000 Hz Dimensions: 1392 x 2045 x 716 mm Weight: 120 Kg

The innovative structure of the speaker, made up of modules with hinges, allows you to define the ideal listening position, orienting the medium-high frequencies without having to move the speaker.